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Default 3spd vs 7spd

Hey everyone. I'm a complete newb so I've been trying to read through the posts before asking any questions, but haven't found anything on this one..

So I've decided I'm going to get a cruiser and decided against a single speed. I like the idea of added breaking with a single, but I have to many memories of getting kicked by the pedals at high speeds. So I thought I would go with a 3spd but after reading about speed and performance I was wondering if some one could shed some light on pros and cons of 3spd vs 7spd, if any?

Got my first ride a few weeks ago. Friend's kit is stock, 80cc attached to an older mountain bike. Based on the bike's speedometer and friend's car, I easily got to 35 mph on flat and slight decline. Steep Incline (300 yards) was another story all together, but the kit was a monster compared to ebikes.

I was sold on getting a kit myself before the first ride, now I'm religious about getting one!

Thanks to everyone for all the info-
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