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Default Re: can anyone make a living with this hobby?

Tigertooth wrote:

You're bang on the money toytime.

I think an inherent issue here is the type of customer required, is the very same that would happily build it himself.
The other type of customer out there is the buy it cheap, never maintain it, let it breakdown, wonder how it happened, blame/sue the seller.

This is why we're edging out of the business to concentrate on straight bicycles
In my part of the world it's common for people to produce builds and test them with a few days
of opperation and then resale to their affiliates who then resale them. It lets the builder concentate
on what he's skilled at and tooled up to do, and those who are skillful at selling handle the social
side of the transaction. In this, the item whether it's a boat, motorbike, offroad vehicle, and
so forth changes it's classification to a "used" item. (which is considered to be a unique one of a

I'm sure the laws are different in other parts of the world. But much of this goes on here in this
manner. The buyer assumes responsibility. In some of the states in the USA these motorized bikes would even be viewed as "personal property" opposed to a motorized vehicle. Again another consideration.

But it has to be born in mind that these bicycles will be using the public road ways part of the time
and I'm certain the Law Enforcement Agencies will have their view of these and the courts theirs
as well.

Yes, it's a depressing thread. These Chinese motors and their dependability, not being able to
really make any money selling them after building them, and a market that doesn't understand
the amount of maintenance, much less the tools required or the procedures involved in order to
keep the bike working.

I only hope Jim at Creative can figure out how to produce a quality motor that's nearly bullet
proof while being affordable to sell. Perhaps he could then create a distribution network where
capable installers could purchase $90 dollar cruisers at WalMart to mount them to. Then perhaps
we can get some electronics guys on this board who could produce a combination digital LED headlight/speedo/horn/turnsignals/brakelight/Mp3 radio system that would have any bike so it could
conform to road laws.

When I first registered here one of the members "Uncle Kudzu" had an old bike he treasured and was
going to spend $400+ dollars on an Italian Morini motor. People were questioning his thinking then, but now I'm begining to think his approach was the best reasoned.

What I think is more critical than anything is this:

The states all have different laws regarding these things. When fuel was $4.00+ last summer I figured I could have sold these bikes all day long. I filled my car's tank yesterday and paid
$1.76 per gallon. None of the motorist fueling their vehicles was complaining at all about fuel prices
where I was nor were they talking about wanting high fuel milage vehicles. Just happy SUV and 4X4 Pickup Truck owners.

So, unless fuel prices are outrageous the public motorbike demand may dampen except for the hobbyist. Those into the hobby of legal age may be willing to spend a little extra money to pay an experienced builder to set the motor kit up on their first bike for them and that market would probably include the UNI students and poor working
guys who need some affordable conveyance. Even those with DUI's (revoked dirvers license because of alcohol)

And lastly, the cost in fixing up a motorized bike compared to purchasing a good low milage motor scooter or cycle that could get close to 100 mpg, service at it's dealership, replacement parts, and would be recognized as a purpose built factory manufactured motor vehicle.

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