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Default Re: Hello from a new Whizzer owner in Kansas - and a question

I've never seen a new Whizzer live. I've seen some old beat up versions. Yours is one fancy machine. How many cc:'s?

To Add speed: I think the biggest thing against you is weight. No, not your weight , the bike. I mean your bike must weigh twice what my stripped down mountain bike with a 70cc strapped on does. I don't think you want to strip it down though!

So as they say in the race world the rest is just dollars! Maybe start with the air in, carb tuning and air out exhaust.($) I know nothing of the engine or if it is port matched....our Chinese engines can gain decent power doing the standard two stroke tuning. Just throwing stuff out there. Dunno if you could upgrade the ignition.

Enjoy! And WELCOME!!
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