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Default Hello from a new Whizzer owner in Kansas - and a question

Hello all. My name is Matthew - I live in Wichita, KS. I got my first "motorbike" today. I bought a new Whizzer after taking it for a test drive.

I originally had a Stella GB150 scooter (2 stroke) that I absolutely loved! I sold it a few years ago to pay for some unexpected bills - unfortunately I had no idea what the gas prices would look like in 2008 - and the Xterra I drive gets 16 MPG - it is painful at the pump.

For the last few weeks I have been looking at scooters online again - Stella's, vintage Vepas and Lambrettas...anything but those plastic things they put out today.

I visited a scooter site where they had a used Whizzer in stock - I was immediately intrigued. I have always loved the looks of old motorcycles from back in the early part of the last century. I even own a Felt Racing cruiser - the 1903 - which is kind of what the Whizzer reminded me of as well.

I called the local "Harley" shop they have listed as a Whizzer dealer - they said they had a few in stock. The one I bought is a 2007 NE5 - black with chrome fenders.

I never rode a motorbike - I was so used to shifting two stroke scooters - I kept feeling like I wanted to shift during the test ride.

I saw the brochure online and it said 25 MPH max speed - that was a bit disappointing. But I found this site and it says you can do different levels of modifications to increase the speed.

I don't want to do anything to increase it to the level of insanity (I would love to see someone on one of those!!!) - but I would like to do the level 1 mod mentioned where you make the opening on the restrictor plate in the carb to give it a little more top end. Right now I can slooooowly get it up 35 MPH - but I would love for 40 or 45 to be the max since most of the roads I will drive on will be 40 max.

Since I don't know much about these machines - anyone happen to have a pic or two showing the carb and restrictor plate assembly so I know what to disassemble and modify?

Thank you so much for providing a wonderful site. After spending a few hours riding today - varying speeds - breaking her in - I can't remember having that much fun on my scooter! I look forward to participating here and getting to know everyone.

Best regards,


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