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Default Re: time to get some latex gloves

Originally Posted by Graham View Post
Has anyone ever gotten sick the day after working on their bike? I mean I wash my hands the best i can after working on it but the oil and grease still stain the skin. Can things such as eating or covering my mouth with my hand to cough cause us to inadvertanly poison myself?
Not to worry Graham...I promise: you'l be O.K. If you're not used to messin' around with mechanical stuff, it may seem like you're exposing yourself to all kinds of nasties. The really good stuff went away years ago!!! Of what's left, it's never available to the public.

Gloves are a good idea...I have a box full that I use when painting or messin' with epoxy because it takes forever-and-a-day for it to wear off.

Any of you guys remember Gunk Hydro-seal, before it doubled in price and is now 1/10th as effective?...How about the original Tap-Magic?

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