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Default Re: can anyone make a living with this hobby?

I really do need to just build a bike to sell. It would be a Titan build and I would maybe go a hundred or two over what it costed to build in parts.
So like 200 dollars for the stretch e bay cruiser,375 for the Titan kit then maybe a cover of some kind for it's a low rider some type of backrest/side skirt type of thing so without rider it looks right on fabrication and such maybe another 100 bucks and maybe 50 for extra little things you always find yourself doing when it comes to any build. So we are looking at 725 dollars but it's a 4 stroke and it will go forever it seems then I'll show potential customers my bikes and our knowledge bla bla bla.
So. 900 dollars should be more than fair. But people all the time say yea I can build it a lot cheaper. Well sure. What's stopping you.
My craigslist ad would honestly list all of that. There are roadie bikes out there selling for 2 grand and some actually move on craigslist so you have to get the fan base.
And I do that by riding my bikes at every opportunity and get stopped by everyone. And currently I pass out cards to the Dax site so they know where to go.
So I'm rather sure I can sell some bikes. No doubt about it. Flea Markets man if I can build a few that would show the people.
I'm always sending e mails to news people about how I'm beating the recession and ride by malls and shopping centers every chance I get.
But here's the thing though. If I build me another bike I may just give it a name. Then I wouldn't want to sell it.
That to me would be the hardest thing to do. Give my baby away to a stranger.
I shiver even the thought.
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