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Default Re: Is a tensioner necessary?

Originally Posted by Norman View Post
I like your bracket for your chain tensioner ought to be bullet proof.
My biggest problem is finding paint to match the bike if I weld on it. If I can find the right color paint the 2 bikes that I mounted the front engine bolt through the frame will get a tube reinforcement welded in when I can find the proper color even with the drilled frame I have not had any problems.
Dupli-Color automotive touch up paint has a vast variety of colors to choose from as well as the hobby shop and model car paints. I used the Tamiya paint on the Jag. It is a very close match but a little purple in the sun. Today I found a Dupli-Color paint for Fords. The color code is DSFM-340. It is a perfect match. I don't know what colors you're trying to match but I'd bet you'll find something close enough in the Dupli-Color offerings. If you find a paint that is very close you might want to try painting an area as opposed to doing just a weld. I sprayed the seat and chain stays and over misted the spray so it blended and there wasn't a hard line between the original paint and mine.
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