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Default Re: Is a tensioner necessary?

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
If you're building a Schwinn Jaguar you have to do something to keep the chain adjusted. The Jag has no provisions for moving the rear wheel back. The dropout is just that, a dropout without a slot. I've always hated the looks of the kit supplied tensioner bracket. It's an eyesore and I didn't want one on the Jaguar so I fabricated the one pictured below. I made it from 1" by 1/4" flat stock, machined a slot in it and tig welded it to the seat and chain stays. I found matching paint at the hobby shop, Tamiya #TS-53, model car paint, and repainted the welds after smoothing with some body filler. I use skateboard wheels for pulleys. This set up assures that there will be no movement of the pully and should provide a troublefree way to keep the chain adjusted. I've only needed to tighten the chain on my old bike once in 700 miles but even so it's a good feature to have available.
I like it Tom! Not only will it be bullitt proof it will also add some strength to the back of the Jaguar. I hate the looks of the kit tensioner so I always machine my own out of aluminum and split them so they are the exact dia. of the chain stay. I think I will use your idea on my next bike!

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