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Default Re: can anyone make a living with this hobby?

Yea and you really need to accept those returns to keep a good standing with everyone even though one reason could be too many people are "laughing" at them and they want to move on to a motorcycle or a (cough) scooter.
I almost would want to interview potential customers like how Ferrari does their F50 cars. You cannot simply plunk down the money and get one. You have to be a Ferrari collector and even with that there are other variables they consider before they will TRUST their masterpiece to a potential customer.
THAT'S how I would run my business. My bikes would be EXCLUSIVE. Like getting a job I would have to HIRE you to ACCEPT my work of art.
And just because you have cash on hand does not mean you can have my craftsmanship.
One of my demands to a potential customer is that you must already have owned a motorized bicycle knowing full well what to look out for and you want to upgrade.
I need money. Lots of money.
A store in Beverly Hills.
It would so rule.
You have found the fountain of youth. Ride and forever stay young.
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