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Default Difference In Chinese Engines

** Spring type weather has Finally started here in central Iowa, so I was able to fire up my two winter builds and take them for a ride yesterday. Having said that I have come to "my own" conclusion that it doesn't matter where or who you buy your Chinese two stroke from. All four of mine are from different vendors as a test. I was really surprised to find out that the cheapest one I bought with free shipping is the smoothest running. Literally no vibration.* I am not going to get into mentioning any names,because I really like the sponsors on this site, but I intentionally paid $25 extra for one just to see if it was any different. The answer to that is, it vibrates the most, and has the most clutch noise, but I did get a "Free" fuel filter with it. Pretty pricey fuel filter. Anyway this has been discussed several times and this is only "my opinion". Anyway you look at it these things are a Blast for the money! So I am certainly not making any waves just throwing out "my opinion".

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