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Default Re: can anyone make a living with this hobby?

I think what eDJ is saying is you should build up a dealer network similar to grubee's. The problem with selling used is it doesn't (in the UK anyway) relieve the seller of any responsibilities.
A better way would be to market them as "tested".
I understand the wish of sellers to protect themselves from the likelihood of being sued but one shouldn't be exploring underhand ways of doing it. This can only blow up in your face.
A better idea would be to ensure the product is of absolutely top notch quality at the time of purchase, that way any problems could only be attributed to lack of maintenance or ill treatment. The idea of vetting customers is good as the people you want to sell to are those willing to get oil on their hands.
Our main difficulty here in the UK is conveying to the customer that these are not just fire and forget items, they are a hobby in themselves and require looking after.
Thats not to say they demand every hour of your day to get running, and its not to say it's down to poor quality they require checking over.
That all said we are now shying away from selling complete bicycles and taking the spookytooth approach of selling motorised ready bikes with a kit. We will only sell them complete to those who can pick them up from our location. This way we can demonstrate them as working and the customer cannot come back later to say otherwise.

Maybe its the financial climate, however recently we have had numerous returns mainly for bogus reasons and due to "buyers remorse" with customers requiring refunds and this alone has brought us perilously close to bankruptcy.

All the very best to our brothers in the US, but be advised, it's not easy.
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