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Default Re: can anyone make a living with this hobby?

If I were taking this on, I'd find a way to build the bike and have it
ready to ride. Then sell it to a second person who is to resell it.
This partnership wouldn't be known of by the public. With a few
"second person's" around the region reselling so that both could make some money on it. In this manner kits could be purchased in
volume, bikes from WalMart etc, and resold as used stuff. (with very little use)

In this way the seller can ride it a few miles himself and resell it as used with that
understanding with the new buyer. The market should be to mature adults looking for high
milage alternative transportation, and the possibility of having some fun too. But the buyer
is buying USED. I think highschool students who are old enough to drive would be about the
youngest I consider selling to.

In Ohio you have to have proof of purchase of the bicycle and the same with the motor.
So if the motors are purchased in volume lots the seller will have to work out some
documentation for each motor. (which would have to be transferred from owner to owner)

Should this come before a Judge as a lawsuit it would be understood that the present owner
purchased it used from a second owner. Then a motion made to dismiss.

And before doing this I'd first discuss it with a lawyer that "I" knew.

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