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my rash started in Aug 2007 after returning to work I used the safety gear all the time so no liquids or solvents on my hands and I'm very serious about keeping the stuff off I quit using the gojo a long time ago I allergic to lanolin and sheep so no wool or the lanolin. I even thought the bike engines might be radio active and tried to get my company to let me borrow a meter to test for "NORM" after I asked my foreman to let me use it the company recalled all meters in to the office could never get one to test the bike engines. we can have "NORM " in the field (natural accruing radio active material) I even asked for the company to test the pipe line cleaners for it and the SHE(safety health and environment) guy said he did and assured me they were fine I asked to see the results and he would not show me so I said lets go check it right now as we were on the location I wanted to test he refused me so what am I to think. I've been put on workman's comp before I was severed last Tue and I still don't know that is causing the rash I have a medicine cabinet full of creams and lotions for my hands. They are some better no open sores right now. I'm waiting on seeing another skin doctor on the workman's comp so that's where I stand. I've been to 4 different doctors and have had test after test ran still no doctor knows what it is except my family doctor ) he's not sure but thinks its job related as they seem to heal up when I'm off work)who wrote a letter stating I should be assigned a job away from the chemicals and liquid and vapors which I now an being laid off. I love being retired and I ain't kidding I plan on going to Tempe, AZ. the 27 of March as my son is going to be at the art fair there he will be in Tucson on the 20 to 22 for an art fair there but I'll be in Mo then and will fly from St.Louis to LA then ride with him to Tempe for the fair so any of you guys who want to meet me I'll be in Tempe at the art fair look for a crazy man with white long hair at a art booth. or PM me and I'll give you some phone numbers so you can get hold of me and that includes the time I'm in Mo.
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