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Default Re: Huffy Cranbrook or Schwinn Jaguar

Hello Tom,

I was afraid that would happen. I have a Jag in the shop that I bought right after the survey. Give me a little longer, I'll get this kit finished. I don't like for things to leave the bench until they're right! Hopefully the Jaguar, or a bike with an identical frame will still be available and I'll be able to sell a few.

99% of machine shops do not want to stray from the norm. Machine shops are not design houses...some like mine will offer design services, but most won't. I'm an engineer with a shop...It's rare to find a shop with a design engineer.

Here is the norm:

A large local firm provides a print of the parts needed, fully dimensioned and detailed. The shop knows that this firm is serious about needing parts.

The machine shop calls the material suppliers for a quote on the material needed for the job. This can take anywhere from a few hours, to a few days. Most industrial suppliers are incredibly slow to respond.

The shop provides a finished quote to the purchasing agent of said company and hopes to be in the ballpark price-wise. If a purchase order is issued for said parts: the shop owner knows that as long as the parts are made according to the drawing, they will get paid.

The parts are made and shipped to the customer. A net 30 invoice is generated, and that completes the transaction.

Going outside of this "Box" interupts thier normal business/work, flow.

It's very difficult to manage, and make profitable, a job shop. They just don't have time to dabble in design and the creation of new products.

I'm sure it was with the best intentions on thier part that they had a look at your project. Reality set in and they got bogged down with the "How"...which does take a lot of thought.

I started my shop with the intention of it being a place where I could create my own products from my designs. I was on a different course right from the beginning. I just needed a platform to work from. In additon to the other niche things I do, engine powered bikes are an ideal platform.

Best regards,
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