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Default Re: gave up months ago, but MB bug bit me again!

I called up Target and asked manager if the the stockboy was on the level for refusing sale of bike in a box, while on their website it says very clearly "assembly required". Boss said it's true, they can't have the liability of a customer putting a bike together and hurting themselves......ummm, so you prefer the direct liabilty of your own employee coming back from break and forgetting to tighten a bolt and someone dies?! What's up with that?!? And somehow if it is shipped to you vs handed to you, liabilities are different?!?!

Then I asked how many other products they have in their store that require assembly. Any furniture, hammocks, trampolines, etc? ummm......those are different, he says, less risky...again, you prefer the risk of your stockboy putting it together?

What if I gave you the cash and didn't take a receipt, could I get the box? Nope. (Good thing, because it'd probably have a "legitimate" problem I'd need to return it for and not have a receipt.)

I'm upset enough to go elsewhere, but the $129 sale price is too good to pass up. And driving to store is way better than paying and waiting for shipping. (same price and not in stock online).

Craigslist bikes for good price sell so very quickly, I guess I'll ask Target to build one and not let a customer touch it before I pick it up, then disassemble/rebuild myself.
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