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Originally Posted by Rockenstein View Post
Hi all, great information place you have happening here! Stumbled into this site while surfing for E Bike conversion info which led me to discover the fuel powered conversions and all I can say is WOW! I gotta have one! I've been into motorized everything since I was a kid, think dad built my first gas powered go kart when I was 4?? Anyway last year I bought a new KHS XC-004 so my old Norco mountain bike is just sitting collecting dust so I was thinking of getting an electric kit for it but gee wiz when I price out an E conversion that get's me decent range and speed I'm saying WTF is with that nonsense!! So one of the sellers I was scoping out for E conversion parts just happens to also sell the fuel powered kits and as the story goes after watching some videos, checking the kit prices and reading some info here I'm pretty much sold. Couple questions I have before placing my order though are, and this is mainly for the Canadian residents, have you had many encounters with your local law enforcement and if so what was the outcome?


PS: Should add the kit I'm thinking about getting is the Zoom Jet Stealth Limited Edition kit
Hey I live about 20mins from london and I'm new here too, I've had a pk-80 for a year now and I haven't been pulled over once. I was with a buddy on a mini bike though and he got charged and all the cop asked me was if the pedals worked. I think there unaware of the laws in ontario. I'm glad more people are getting these kits though, if we have enough maybe they will change the law.
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