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Default Re: From London Ontario

Engine Kit Assembly Log #2:

Just received the kit this past Monday via Fedex. Everything included; all the nuts, bolts, gearbox, cables, chain etc except one thing--the instruction manual! It seems they forgot to include it. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to try to reference the PDF they provide for the 4-cycle V-mount kit or try to utilize the pictures posted on the GruBee website that show the rear-mount kit in detail.

I also had a chance to finally prep the engine today. After downloading and reading through the engine manual PDF from dubyadubyadubya_dot_honda-engines_dot_com I went to Wal-Mart to purchase a bottle of Quaker State SAE 10W30 non-synthetic motor oil (green bottle), poured it in and gave the engine some light shakes and multiple inversions, soaking all parts in the crankcase. I then went to my local Sunoco gas station, filled her up with Premium and let her rip for the first time. LOTS of white smoke for under a minute but, when it all went away, the engine ran like a charm!

Also went back to To Wheels and purchased some Giant-brand chain grease, synthetic grease, Finish Line degreaser--i.e. all the slippery stuff and LocTite Red for the nuts & bolts; total cost about $45.

If course the fun part will start when I have more time, hopefully shortly, when I start building the whole kit!

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