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Default Re: can anyone make a living with this hobby?

Originally Posted by europorsche914 View Post
to avoid being sued for the bike you could always demonstrate it in running condition, remove the carb and sell it to him as a bicycle for $499. Then after selling it in none running condition, sell him the carb for $1. With a witness proving you sold it to him in non-running condition what they gonna do...
Aside from the part about showing it running, the rest is in my opinion a sure fire way to alienate and lose customers. Yes you're protecting your own backside but what sort of message are you putting out. I certainly wouldn't buy from anyone who did that.

Imagine going to Ford for your nice new Focus minus its carb......

Jiminey Cricket would be shoving his umbrella into my brain through my ear shouting "RUN AWAY!!!!"

The real way to avoid trouble and cover your ass is to conform to laws and regulations and ALWAYS ALWAYS be polite and friendly. I make BESTEST buddies with all my customers, because if your honest and true from the beginning of the transaction and with aftersales care, the likelihood of problems is minimal. But IF. IF. There does turn out to be problems, your customer will hardly sue someone he regards to be an honest friend.
The flipside is if you do end up in court, the judge is more likely to swing your way if you can demonstrate you took all reasonable and required pre-cautions and delivered exemplary service through out.

I do admit that the aforementioned is entrenched in old school values and morals of decency and loyalty which sadly is all too quickly traded in these days for a tidy settlement, but its the code i was taught and have always followed and its not lead me wrong yet.

Just my thoughts....
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