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Default Re: can anyone make a living with this hobby?

to avoid being sued for the bike you could always demonstrate it in running condition, remove the carb and sell it to him as a bicycle for $499. Then after selling it in none running condition, sell him the carb for $1. With a witness proving you sold it to him in non-running condition what they gonna do...
SOLD..50cc Morini S6-T 5.8hp,
44 tooth sprocket, Early 1990's Diamondback Frame, 26" WTB FX28 Wheels w/ Shimano XT Hubs,
Dellorto PHBG Race Edition 19mm Carburetor, 4 Valve Reed Intake (combined adds ~2hp),
Homemade Expansion Chamber, Homemade Steel Pack Muffler, Homemade 1.6 gallon Rear Gas Tanks
TOP SPEED: 54.0 MPH (not gps tested yet)

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