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Question Sticking it to the man

Hello Gearheads and Knucklebusters of the World,
I am looking for a cheap way to build a LEGAL motorized bike on the cheap. My license got taken for unpaid tickets ( lost my job) and i am to lazy to pedal all the time. I got a handle on a honda pressure washer engine, 6hp and a weedeater i can destroy. I like the idea of a friction drive,rear mounted contraption on the weedeater engine. I dont have a bike yet,but im working on it.
Questions: Can a small v belt pulley be adapted to fit over the tire for a friction drive setup? With a spring to force it against the rear tire i think it could work. I dont have a welder handy, have almost no money and will probably be raiding dumpsters and trash piles for parts. I will let you people know how I fare on getting parts. Last question,maybe a stupid one? Has anyone ever run a weed eater engine on a nitro mix used for model airplanes and rc cars? its basically a small 2 stroke engine right? I just dont want to blow parts all over or get killed if i try it. I'm a horsepower junkie,got to hop things up a bit.
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