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Default Re: #68 Delortto Jet swap

Originally Posted by Josh380 View Post
Lower clip position? In other words, moving the clip down one from stock or up one, because I've already moved the clip up one from the stock position, it runs better than it did, but I can still see some room for improvement. The motor almost seems like it's hesitating near the top it wants to go faster but can't. I notice the bike feeling like it ever so slightly slows down then immediately tries to go faster. Not sure if that describes the "bucking" sensation that some people notice.........
Bucking as in studdering, you are gettin to much fuel in there. Id try finding another jet to put in the carb. My #68 works good but not great. Pablo swears by his #65, which is what im waiting on to arrive in the mail.
...ive gone to the scooter side, variators arent that bad.
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