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Default remount of engine and sprocket...

After the chain flew off the bike and broke a couple of spokes and bent most of the others, I got to spend the day installing a new wheel. Then I did what I should have done earlier, I removed a link from the 415.

While working on the link, I broke my last two working chain breakers. That's if for me I'm going back to my dads way. Knock out the pins, I guess that means master links next time. Oh well. I need to do a search and find all my extra bike thingamabobs and put them all in one place. Let me see there is a saying for that. Oh yeah get all your scat in one bag. Very scientific don't ya know.

I couldn't find a half link locally and people wanted 2 buck for the link and 11 bucks to ship it. I decided no thanks. One guy even had the stones to require insurance on the package 1.25 ins on a 1.49 item, and it was being shipped ups with an automatic hundred dollar insurance coverage no charge. Wonder where he got the idea that bikers were retarded.

I resurrected a tensioner and it's going on the bike chain this time. That thing turns so seldom all it has to do is keep it from falling off.

Just to show how things are at bikes shops. I called about a coaster wheel fo the bike I robbed one from. One of the bike shops wants 30 bucks for a new one, the other shop wants 40bucks. I can buy one on line for 20 bucks or two for thirty. On line it is also new and comes with the cutest little white girlie tires lol.

The wheels are white but I have a can of spray paint, both chrome and black. I was able to salvage my fancy tire and tube so I can use it on the girlie wheels. I just cant see a transylvania chopper with hello kitty tires.
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