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Default Re: A little perspective.

The China engine made me appear much manlier to the world when I rode. People actually thought I was this awesome tinkerer of things I could pretty much tinker with anything and it would fly.
People and friends and not admittedly but you can tell family members and in laws as much as they poke fun of you at the same time have a respect for you as well.
All that from the most simplest of 2 strokes I have ever had the pleasure of owning.
Everyone knew that my engine blew a bearing and everyone around the neighborhood knew it sat around while I rode Cronus and then the Buggy Bike.
But then when MOOP2 came back to life everyone saw that I had rebuilt that simple little engine.
I get respect from engine builders and mechanics taking a smoke break at their shops they always wave me over when I pass by so they can see just what I did this time.
New car dealers be giving me this look like I'm changing customers minds about buying a new car or something.
And I don't weld and I don't have thousands of dollars in quality tools.
The China engine changed my life.
No joke.
And slowly I've been trying to improve on my rides yesterday I made a double bracket on the Buggy Bike OMG that thing will not move it is on there good.
And my wife is always asking me why I'll just sit out there staring at my bikes for hours.
And I tell her "Because these are my babies."
You have found the fountain of youth. Ride and forever stay young.

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