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Default Re: 1st build and a couple of questions

It's a 2 stroke, I do pedal on take offs or up hills "really have too most times. It's really not even that it bogs down, it's more how long it takes to get up and going when it starts bogging down. It just seems off from what I've seen on the you tube videos and the bikes around town.

I guess I'll just keep tinkering with it, hopefully I'll stumble on the solution.

The chain problem, I found it's about a 32nd of an inch out of alignment looking at the sprocket from the rear, so I'll try to get that perfect. Kind of doubt that will cure the issue seeing it goes from tight to about an inch of slack, but hopefully it helps. Thought about modding the dust cap so there's adjustment room for the center hole, but figure that will just make the problem worse. I'll try to test it today too see sprocket hole is centered "one would think".
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