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Default Re: A little perspective.

I have a brother who used to talk about the space race like this. A Russian rocket is a like a big ben alarm clock and a us rocket is like a fine watch. One grain of sand in a fine watch and needs an overhaul but you can throw a big ben against wall and it still runs, if not you trash it and buy another one. That's how I see the china kit. So what if I abuse it till it won't run anymore I just get another one.

deacon, while in Viet Nam, we used to compare our M-16 rifle with the enemy's AK-47 rifle. Our "fine" weapon would jam if you neglected to clean the bolt assembly after the last firing. I had been advised that the Chi-Com was built with less quality control and more tolerances and was more reliable.

Same deal when comparing the old Porsche 356 four-cylinder engine with the dependable VW 1200-1600cc air-cooled engine.
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