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Default Re: A little perspective.

My daddy sued to say this, long before it got to be a popular phrase. Charlie it is what it is.

I love the cheap throw away engine kits. I don't have one anymore, but I love them just as they are, warts and all. They caught on and got amazingly popular in spite of all their problems. I think it was because of what they are not.

I have a brother who used to talk about the space race like this. A Russian rocket is a like a big ben alarm clock and a us rocket is like a fine watch. One grain of sand in a fine watch and needs an overhaul but you can throw a big ben against wall and it still runs, if not you trash it and buy another one. That's how I see the china kit. So what if I abuse it till it won't run anymore I just get another one.

The purpose of any vehicle in my mind is to take me from A to B. When I get out and go into the store, I am there no matter how I got there. The trip on a motorized bike being fun is just a bonus.
My posts have entertainment value only. A bike ain't yours till it has your blood on it. Then it owns you.

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