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Default A little perspective.

Jims sacred limited edition twelve engines and the power that binds them (lord of the rings?) had me thinking.

A good portion of this forum is dedicated to gripes about the quality of the NTJL engine aka China Girl /Happy Time. And how it could be improved, or better manufactured.

But lets not get carried away.

Mass Manufacturing brings the price of goods to affordable levels, but more often than not at a sacrifice.

Lets take the automobile. Once a preserve of the rich and a play thing for the aristocracy, is now a machine upon which people, economies nay civilisations now rely. Leaving out the recent environmental concerns one would could say thats a good thing. Yet there have been inevitable sacrifices along the way.
Most early "quadricycles" and automobiles were undoubtably little portions of superbly crafted and engineered magnificence built to last and many still do, unlike the throw away cars we drive today.

My point is this. There are many of us including myself who would be willing to pay that bit extra for a damn good quality engine, but that is only after buying, playing with, and subsequently learning from, a cheap one. If the cheapys didn't exist i wouldn't be writing this, i'd still be dreaming.
So i say lets treat them as we would a Durex, enjoy the crazy pleasure they bring while it lasts but be ready to bin it for safetys sake and move on without crying about it....

(That analogy has but a smile on my face! heheheh)
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