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Default Re: Best Rattle Can Paint I Have Found Yet!

You'd think by now we would have cheap super-paints in a can. "We can put a man on the moon..."

Drhofferber, thanks. "By the way how much faster does that 25 cc engine allow you to go..."

Here's how it went. I like riding a bicycle, maybe a few thousand miles a year. But a couple years ago as I was riding against the wind again (like half the time) I thought, "A little helper motor would be nice".
So I searched online about "motor assisted bicycles" - and here we are.

Compared to most setups, my 25cc motor is actually small and weak. But human-power is suprisingly weaker. So instead of the motor helping me, the motor usually does most of the work and I help the motor when fighting wind and hills.

I'm a casual rider who would consider a 50-mile leg-powered ride pretty long.
Without the motor, I think I averaged about 12-14 mph. With the motor about 20 mph. That's with so much less effort that I feel the motor is making me lazy.
It's easy to get used to cruising along; like you're on a little slow motorcycle. I don't mind that my setup often requires pedaling.
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