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Default Re: Best Rattle Can Paint I Have Found Yet!

what kind off motor is that...nice job...
Thanks, drhofferber (I hope you were talking to me )

Motor is from a leaf blower 25cc two-stroke, $10 garage sale.

Prep? Old Schwinn steel rims hold their chrome very well. Just shine them up without scratching. I replaced the spokes with good stainless ones - DT and Wheelsmith.

Cheap tires - no liners. Front tube is a "thorn resistant" (bottinger?). Those tubes are thick and heavy, you can really feel the extra weight in a wheel with one of those tubes inside. I had one in the rear also, but got a flat (go figure) and that tube didn't want to hold a patch right, so I yanked it out and put in a regular tube. No flat problems since.
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