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Default Re: Engine wont start

Originally Posted by gofast View Post
Any luck yet? Have also come across pin holes in the float...that will weigh down the float allowing to much fuel to flow in. The floats are made of a very thin plastic and are virtually impossible to fix as they seem to always have the leak on the inside seam were the float floats up and down were the needle and seat are and the tolerances are to close to put any sort of patching compound as it restricts the movement of the float causing the problem to compound itself even worse...remedy-get a new float and replace. You will be able to tell if this is the problem by taking the float out and visually look to see if there is fuel inside the float itself.Hope this might shine some more light on the problem that you are having.

I took apart the carb, and took a look at the float and it seemed fine. I put it all back together and tried to start it up, it didnt start, however, it did NOT leak any fuel which is good news. Now i am stuck because now that the fuel isnt leaking, i have no idea what the problem is.
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