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Default 1st build and a couple of questions

I've had it together about 2 weeks now and tinker with it every other day. At first I was little disappointed with the power but it seems to be gaining power. And runs a lot better after changing the plug and a few other tweaks. But I've run into a couple of minor issues I just can't figure out.

Low end power, it really bogs down on take offs. I've read it could be the mixture "running 20:1" for the break in. And I've read I could go to 24:1, but when I look at the plug it's actually slightly tan colored which suggests it might be too lean of a mixture "I think" for break in?

Second is the chain, when I put the clutch in and roll the bike, the chain goes tight "almost to tight, then loose "almost too loose. My first thought was the sprocket was mis-aligned. But I really don't see how, it was a perfect fit over my dust cap and I actually had to tap the last little bit in so it was snug. And looking at it when I roll the bike there is hardly any side to side wobble. My second thought is the rim, which doesn't look bent. But I'm really not sure where to go from here other then replacing both the rim and sprocket and hoping that fixes the problem.

Third thought just came to me as I was writing this, could it be the chain? I've read they can stretch, but it can't that much can it?

Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated.
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