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Default Re: Trickle Charge White Wire?

i have bought a
6v 1.5 amp hour battery.
27ohm resister
few switches and a strip.

I plan to go

WW > battery > lights.

i'll be mocking it up tonight/tomorrow and we'll see how we go

i have a question though, i thought the white wire was only rated for 'about' 6v and about 1amp ? so i bought the 27ohm resister so that it would be a 'trickle' charge off the white wire during daytime riding and at night i'd have a full battery

( or atleast some charge in the battery while also drawing from the white wire to power the lights. )

oldcliff > if i was to put a tungsten 6v bulb in series after the resister and before the battery would that be the way to go ?

also which tungsten bulb would be the one to purchase ?
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