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Default gave up months ago, but motorized bicycle bug bit me again!

Threw away the stupid bleepin' China 80cc months ago, it left me stranded so many times I chucked it and vowed never again. Wellll....I peeked here again on Friday night and spent the whole weekend on the net wanting another motorbike! Thanks guys, great, sucked in again.

This time, i'm definitely going 4 stroke with a real carb. Never again get a problematic "China" setup again, except of course, a "China" 4 stroke! Debated on a Staton Honda setup, but since I'm a cheap bast*** and prefer the looks on an in frame, I'd likely go with this49cc Complete Gas Powered Engine Kit - $369.99. From what i read, it's the same Duro Power 4 stroke the Dax Titan uses. Gearbox (Grubee?) has gotten mixed reviews with mostly noise problems, but it's cheaper. And I'll get a super simple and cheap Target Schwinn instead of my using higher end mountain bike i used last time. I LOVE the beach cruiser styling. Should end up right around $500 initially.

We'll see if the wife lets me get it. I'll have to sell a few things to avoid pulling from savings, but if I end up with something actually reliable, I'd be in heaven!
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