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Default AWD Dreams....

My plan is a electric powered, 2 wheel drive electric bicycle with a small oil/gasoline generator for longer riding times. My plan is two in-wheel powerful electric engines, lightweight frame, small Linux based computer to understand the amount of traction each wheel is receiving (fed by suspension sensors), in order to regulate the amount of power to each wheel. Most likely a small, relatively lightweight generator with an ultra small tank to recharge batteries.

The bike will be used as a daily driver, hopefully with speeds between 45 and 60 miles an hour and with battery life and gas recharge considered, make at least 100 MPG. I want the ability to be on streets and sidewalks, but still have the speed to make it reasonable to get me to work and anything else i need to get to in a hurry. I'm sure beating the gas guzzlers stuck in traffic will be fun.

More updates as they come
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