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Default Re: Ontario Bike Engine Owners

very odd that that was all he ticketed you for, seeing that it is a "motorized vehicle" but it sounds like you just got the green light. Just ride like a well mannered adult and obey the rules and you should be fine.

I still don't understand why but they seem to leave me alone. I do pretend to be peddling at all times and do the old kill the engine and peddle thing when I see them though. There are times that I come around a corner though and sort of get caught but I still kill the engine and peddle. After 8 months or so I now ride past the OPP and local police station and have yet to be bothered.
As for the helmet laws, they are for younger riders, I think 18 and under.
I think the cops are not sure of the laws any longer because of the changes with electric bikes. I know for sure that if it was a pocket bike, I'd be stopped within minutes.
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