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Default Re: Chain tensioner question

Originally Posted by cottonball View Post
Would it be ok to put the tensioner above the chain pulling down? Reason I'm asking is I was riding my bike and the chain pulled the tensioner down into the spokes and warped my back wheel. So I was hoping to prevent this in future by having the tensioner above the chain instead. Please let me know your thoughts and what not. Thanks for your time.
By putting the tensioner on the top; the tensioner will be subjected to the power of the will fail quickly!!!

More than likely the chain tensioner was pulled into the spokes because the rear sprocket is not concentric to the wheel. When the sprocket is out of concentric with the wheel the chain will tighten and slacken as the wheel turns. When riding, the constant change in chain tension is hard on the idler.

Check your sprocket, and get it as concentric to the wheel as you can. Remount the tensioner, and have a helper hold in the clutch lever while you spin the rear tire by hand. Check to see if the chain has a constant tension.

DO NOT adjust the tensioner so that there is zero slack in the chain. With the tensioner adjusted correctly you should be able to move the top side of the chain, in the middle, about 1/2"

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