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Default Throttle cable issues

For the life of me I cannot get the throttle cable adjusted properly. I adjusted it on the throttle and on the carb and it's still getting snagged. It's like the cable it self has stretched and is now to long. Do I need a new cable or is there a solution I'm not seeing ??

EDIT: When the throttle cable is out of the carb I can twist the throttle 100X no problems..The second I put into the carb and put the cap on that's when I get the problems.I think it's the spring maybe. Anytime I put any sort of pressure on the spring the throttle cable is getting stuck. If i put the cable with needle and that into the carb but not put the metal cap the cable sits in then it's fine as well. It's when I thread the cap onto the carb that's it's being a bugger and getting stuck the cable.

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