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Question My bike stalls out in an odd way...

Hi all,

This is my first post to this forum, but have been using it for months. It is an amazing resource, and this is the first time I haven't found a thread that answers my question. (I have an 80cc 2-stroke on a cruiser frame btw)

My issue:

When I first start up the bike it does a very strange thing as it warms up: I prime it, pedal, pop the clutch, flip the choke down, and it roars to life... but then in slowly loses thunder and stalls out.

I go through the process again and it does the same thing, but tries to hang on. As it dies it will gain a bunch of power suddenly (almost throwing me sometimes) and then die back down, pick back up, die back down, die.

Most of the time on the third attempt, i can push through it, and the issue stops till next time it cools down. (although I do sometimes hear a fluctuation in the sound of the motor, with a similar pacing to the stalling)

My friends and I have built 4 of these bikes in different configurations. Mine is the only one with the stock exhaust, and the only one that has this issue. Is my engine having trouble "breathing"? Do I need to mod my tail pipe? (and if so how? can I just drill a couple of holes in it?)
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