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Default Hello fellow riders

Hello every one,
Just thought I would check things out here and see what is up. I see from reading about other peoples problems that I have it pretty darn good here!!! Sorry,not to rub salt in an open wound... As of last year, I have gone through a couple of engines,starting off with a 60cc from Boy Go Fast in California-which lasted not very long-Bad castings which seemed to keep breaking and the coil was dead right from the get go. He didn't want to help out and didn't back ant warranty....Just bad business. That lead me to finding a new mill for my ride..Great,what will I do??? Got on the net and checked out Zoom,ordered a Slant head 49,figured I would go with the more performance oriented engine....BAD CALL!! Got the kit-4 days later than what was told to me-not a biggy,got the kit,installed the kit,bad coil. Left message after message and email after email.To no evail, got no co-operation. Thought that the 2 companies might be the same as they seem to have the same business ethics. Then shortly after that, I had found a company,right here in Winnipeg where I live I gave them a call and was invited down to pick up a coil-free of charge after they had heard my bad karma with the other 2 companies. While I was down there,I was offered to take a free test ride on a nice ride outfitted with an 80cc. Tuned very nice with a cropped exhaust,it went very,very nice Well,after receiving courtious service and dealing with really down to earth people like that,I sold my ride (with the new coil) to my buddy,as I needed somebody to cruise with. I went back to Ezcycle and ordered up an 80cc,installed it (with no problems) and was no cruising the open road. Decided I had liked the way that the original 80cc that I test drove from Ezcycle performed over what I had, So I called them up and they got me and my soon to be mean motor scooter in and tweaked and adjusted a little hear and there and got my ride into great standings. Since then,I have reffered many friends and curious onlookers To this great little company right here in the prairies and have heard many thanx for steering them into the right direction of great courtious,and knowledgeable people that really know their stuff!! I would be selfish if I didn't share this with everyone out there EZ CYCLE They were more than willing to be helpful with me and my friends for technical advice and after sales support and more than fare with warranty issues-they replaced coils,mags,tensioners etc.after 3 months for free!!! I feel like I won the lottery Happy motoring to everyone out there.

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