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Default Re: Motor running faithfully now, but.......

The sure fire way to check your carb settings is to do throttle chops. You'll need a couple new plugs. 1st 1/8 throttle is not adj on these carbs (would be idle air screw), though less airflow restriction is essentially an adj. of this and all carb phases. 1/8-3/4 throttle is needle, and 3/4-WOT it is main jet only.
So run your bike under load in the range your experiencing problems in for a 1/3-1/2 mile then hit the kill switch. pull the plug and check the color. Should be light tan. Brown = rich, white = lean.
Pushing the plunger down floods your carb and acts like a choke, you want some air in your float bowl. If pushing your plunger down helps then your fuel level in the carb is too low.
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