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Default Re: Ultimate China Girl Engine

Originally Posted by POPS View Post
Hi Jim
Unreal...Wowie Wow Wowie!!! Will your motor be able to accept the pull start and centrafugal clutch kits and do you think the auto clutch will hold up? Thanks Rick ,and keep up the outstanding work.
Hello Rick!

Knowing that there are a number of external upgrades available...those that you mentioned as well as the SBP shifter kit, I'm going to do my best to ensure that other after market parts will still be a direct bolt-up.

It goes hand-in-hand that the same enthusiast who would consider buying one of my engines has more than likely also purchased other upgrades along the way. I certainly don't want to create a situation where a guy has to decide between a really nice engine and all of the accessories he has already purchased.

The screw hole placement and the deck height of the magneto cover will remain the same. I've added some extra material to the case halves in order to be able to O-ring seal the cover. I'm waiting for a pull-start to arrive, just to make sure it will land on the O-ring of my new engine.

There shouldn't be any problems with the centrifugal clutch either. I'm hoping to cover all bases, but I have to stick to the original premise that this engine will be of a much higher quality, produce more power, reliably, and smoothly.

This engine wil not be suitable for use with a rag joint sprocket installation. The hub must be driven, whether it is with a clam shell, or a shifter kit. I will not be super tuning the engine as shipped. Brendan will port it so that it runs as it should, but we will not be throwing the max at it as I already know it would be too much for a typical bike. The stock engine produces 2-3HP. The new engine will be double, which I have determined will still be with-in reason. For those who now how to tune 2-cycle engines it will be possible to take what I have made and get 12+ HP out of it.

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