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On a 4 stroke the piston goes down to suck in the air/fuel mixture,goes up for compression stroke it ignites sending the piston down (power stroke) then back up to expel the gasses.
On a 2 stroke piston goes up compresses the air/fuel mix it ignites but as the piston goes down the exhaust is expelled and at the same time the air/fuel mix goes in then when it goes up again it ignites.
So on a 2 stroke every time the piston goes down it's a power stroke.
On a 4 stroke it's every OTHER time the piston goes down.
So what does this mean.
This means that a 2 stroke engine goes WAAAAAAA!!!! and a 4 stroke engine goes PURRRRRRR!!!!
4 strokes are way smoother and a bit more efficient.
2 strokes are more powerful feeling.
I never owned a GEBE but I hear too they are pretty smooth.
It's preference really.
I like using chain because I can play with gearing.
And I like to tinker.
And it's plenty strong in my experience.
But to be fair you can play with GEBE gearing too. I hear you can swap out the drive gear rather quickly.
So it's preference.
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