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Default Re: 10.000km done with 3 speed 'gearbox' on 'gt rst'

I forget now but it's way vintage. It only slips because my adjustments constantly loosen up. It's only a 10 second job and as long as I check the adjustment before every ride it won't slip.
WOAH! I'm using a 3 speed HUB you got yourself an actual gear box!
What... IS THAT?
Where did it come from?
You say "hub".
I see a derailier and a fixed sprocket.
I also see an actual gearbox by the engine.
WAIT! That IS a hub!
It's used like a jack shaft!
Dude. We need closer shots of that. You must have needed to have added another sprocket to that hub.
I just keep seeing more stuff!
Check out your Derailier chain tensioner!
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