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Originally Posted by Rockenstein View Post
VBN it sounds like you got a very nice rig in the works...can't wait to see the end result

DarthVader what you said about versatility and range is pretty much why I dropped the idea of an E conversion, the range is just not where I'd like it to be and then there's the infrastructure considerations. At the local malls, university, hospital and so on there are no outlets to plug into so as to refresh your ride so for me doing a whole days worth of errands on an E bike would leave me flat on the home stretch. The cost for low weight high capacity batteries is another thing that's just silly although sure you can go with the cheaper SLA's but then you suffer the weight penalty and if your out of juice pedaling that weight home and up some hills would completely suck!
You're absolutely correct. I also had an idea of what I call a "tribrid" bike; pedals, gas engine and generator/motor and battery that can be charged by either pedals or engine. Wouldn't that be cool! In fact I don't see why you can't convert an existing electric bike to one such type. This is especially for people who have minor heart problems. I myself have been told to watch my heart more often as I have inherited a minor genetic defect from my father's side of the family--most of his relatives dies as a result of heart conditions and fair-to-poor dieting.

I have recently been in touch with some good folks at dubyadubyadubya_dot_windstreampower_dot_com and they have 4 sizes/amperages of DC generators to choose from; from a 1.5A continuous-duty all the way to 10A continuous-duty (that one too big for a bicycle, of course). I have asked about attaching a small generator to the engine to power light(s) and/or a 12V or USB socket I can use to recharge and/or use an iPod and/or small GPS while riding. Yes I listen to music while riding and have been doing so for years but am always observant to avoid an accident.


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