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Default Hello from San Diego

I've been checking out this forum everyday for about two weeks now and with each day I become more and more excited about owning a motorized bicycle.

A four stroke engine is a must for me for a whole host of reasons. Overall I think the idea of mounting an engine inside the frame near the center of gravity is better than mounting over the rear wheel. With that said, I believe I've settled on the Skyhawk Stage III from bicycle-enginesdotcom. (sorry, since I'm a new member the forum won't let me post links)

The Schwinn Jaguar looks like a good platform to mount the engine. As most of you know the Jaguar has 7 speeds. I would like to retain the 7 speed option if at all possible in case the engine decides to die. If I choose to purchase the freewheel sprocket & HD axle kit from bicycle-enginesdotcom, am I going to loose the ability to utilize the 7 speed sprocket that comes with the Jaguar?

Standing by for your response....

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