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Default Re: Drive chain aligment/first build

Unless you resort to fabricating custom mounts for the engine it is not going to change positions relative to the bicycle frame. That means with the engine mounted as it was designed to be mounted it will dictate where the rear wheel sprocket needs to be to achieve the best sprocket / chain alignment. Most bike frames will give you close to optimum alignemt but some will make it necessary to move the rear sprocket in or out to get the chain aligned properly. If you utilize the stock engine mounts they will self center the engine in the frame and then it is up to you to do what is necessary to get the rear (wheel) sprocket in the correct position. A little lateral offset is allowable but you don't want much. 1/4 to 3/8" off from center is okay but don't exceed that and the closer you can get to exact is preferable. While you are getting the chain and sprockets aligned also keep in mind there is a chain tensioner involved. It needs to be in align with everything else. The better things line up the smoother they will perform for you and give you the less wear on your components. Good luck; ask questions if you're unsure. We're all here to help.
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