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Default Re: Everyone THAT LOVES BIKES HELP!

Originally Posted by toytime View Post
I think what makes it seem like a lot of money is because we tend to compare the price to the engine kits. I'm sure if SBP was selling thousands of kits and had them manufactured in China, they would be able to sell them for less.
The way I see it, the freewheel alone is worth around 80 bucks (just a guess) and if you were to pay five bucks for each additional part (I counted ten) you are at around 130 bucks. Throw in the cost of a website, along with the other hardware and you can see that there is not much left over.
Here is a pic from a guy who saw my bike on one of the electric bike sites to give you some ideas.
I really like the boxed in , one piece frame and the adjustable idler on the drive chain. The owner of the bike said I could show them to help others out.
This set up is genius!

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