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Talking New build in Hawaii

Ok, I can finally post pics and all. My last thread got completely deleted because I put pics in!

Anyway, I am a hot rodder in Honolulu Hawaii. I live and work on a US Air Force base, with a short and flat commute. I wanted something fun to cruise around on, and was looking at an e-bike setup, but decided to go gas for fun. The price also helped!

- I bought the gas-bike $119 66cc kit, shipping was a little higher to Hawaii, $50 total.
- I got a basic beach cruiser for $89 at the base exchange for the build.
- The kit went on pretty easy, I am fairly mechanical, and only had some minor issues.
- I sealed the carb with RTV
- the throttle cable was too tight, and would not allow a return to idle, so I shortened the cable
- After riding 4-5 days, the exhaust tip vibrated off. It also got hit by a car! I ordered a new one and
a hot rod buddy straightened out the old one and welded it up.
- I got the Amazon brake/turn/tail/horn combo on the bike. Initially, I put the switch on the clutch
cable. After a week of commuting, I decided to add front brakes! A little bmx side pull set bolted
right up, and REALLY helps the stops over just a coaster brake!
- I have been riding two weeks now, and a, having a LOT of fun! This thing gets more attention than
my restored 1986 Buick Grand National!
- It rides very nice at 25MPH (Bell speedo), but above that it gets quite a buzz and vibration. I may
try one of the more trick engine mount setups in the near future. I like the poly bushing idea!

here are some pics!

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