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Default Ontario Bike Engine Owners

Just wondering if anyone in Ontario with there bikes have had any run in with the local police. I did and I got a fine for no back brakes and no helmet. It was funny to as the cop was British and was like "where is your crash hat"

I tried to explain to the guy I was only out for test run and everything was not fully hooked up yet. Still gave me two $110 fines which I fought. What I did is that same day I went to Canadian tire and got the cheapest back brakes I could find and then a helmet that was comfortable to wear. The bike had the old U brake style brakes and I had not figured out how to get them to work right yet. The cheapo brakes where for show only.

After that I headed over to Wal Mart and got a light for the front that does not need batteries. You just crank it for 1 minute for 20minutes of light. I also got back light. I went to the ticket place in Ottawa and explain I was taking it out for a test run and that I had got the stuff I needed. I showed him the receipt and I got the fines reduced to a total of $40 all together and 90 days to pay.
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