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Default Re: Some general Questions

You should be able to get a replacement "tip"/baffle without having to buy the whole thing as they are held in place with on screw. I find that my gasket tends to leak that burnt oil all the time and gaskets only seem to last a short time but I do change it when I start to hear the noise of a leak. I am not saying that you should put up with a leak. I'm just saying that it's no a "biggie"...chill out for now and get the bike working and fine tune things later.
As for your chain, it's not hard at all. You have to use a thin punch that slides inside the link. Sounds like you are bending things. If you file the head off nice, it should almost "fall" out. Wait to hear what other members have to say, but I say that that chain is too loose and will get looser. It's hanging all over the place. I myself got rid of that idler crapola and slide my wheel back to adjust the chain.
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